Physical Random Number Generator Service



Prof. Wang’s team

Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering

College of Physics and Optoelectronics

Taiyuan University Of Technology

Taiyuan, China

We are hosted by the Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering of Taiyuan University Of Technology. Now the main research direction to have high speed true random signal generator and all-optical random signal generator, chaotic laser communication and confidentiality, etc.


    Dr.Wang received a master's and doctor's degree of engineering in xi 'an  institute of optical precision machinery, and then as a visiting professor at the  university of  Darmstadt in Germany .His main research direction is high speed  random number generating method and application.He is the main founder of  institute of Optoelectronic Engineering ,in the random number generation, secure communication, chaotic signals, etc,  now  provides scientific and engineering guidance.