Physical Random Number Generator Service

TestU01 tests

TestU01 implements several types of random number generators, including some proposed in the literature and some found in widely used software. It provides general implementations of the classical statistical tests for random number generators, as well as several others proposed in the literature, and some original ones. These tests can be applied to the generators predefined in the library, user-defined generators, and streams of random numbers stored in files. Specific tests suites for either sequences of uniform random numbers in [0,1] or bit sequences are also available. Basic tools for plotting vectors of points produced by generators are provided as well.

Compared to other test of randomness, TestU01 covers more statistical tests, is more flexible to use, and has a greater range of options for statistical tests. And can be easily obtained on the network.


1.Pierre L’Ecuyer & Richard Simard (2007), "TestU01: A Software Library in ANSI C for Empirical Testing of Random Number Generators", ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 33: 22.  TestU_01.pdf